About Us

10655389_1496484793944752_928895120694511982_o“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilised living …”Dione Lucas

Chic & contemporary, Picasso is located on Level 12-13 & Rooftop, Rahman Regnum Center, Gulshan-Tejgaon Link Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh where the panoramic view of legendary Dhaka from the rooftop swimming pool area is nothing short of spectacular.

Catering to the discerning diners in Dhaka, Picasso provides an extensive selection of dishes to suit a wide range of tastebuds along with impeccable service which adds an extra dimension to make Picasso an exceptional restaurant.

Fresh produce, sourced from overseas and local regions, create a wonderful palette of bold seasonal flavours to produce unique cuisine to excite your gastronomic senses.

At Picasso, boundaries of modern cooking are constantly challenged and creative new ways are explored to delight customers.  Culinary innovation is Picasso’s vision, where eating is a total sensual experience.

The only thing better than talking about the great food at Picasso is dining at Picasso.  So, next time you are in Dhaka enjoy a selection of fine cuisine or just pop in with some friends and enjoy a range of Picasso’s lighter bites.

Picasso …. your fine dining destination !